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CAD Studio Ltd.
Tylova 17, České Budějovice 370 01, Czech Republic
tel. (+42-38) 52966-9, fax. (+42-38) 52979, BBS: (+42-38) 52962
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CAD Studio is Autodesk Main Dealer (& Top Dealer 94/95), Autodesk Developer and Hewlett-Packard Authorized Dealer (& HP Support Partner). More about CAD Studio.

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CAD Studio sells systems - hardware, software, services - for CAD, CAM, animation and computer graphics generally. Our solutions are based on HP computers, HP networks, HP plotters and other peripherals and on CAD & Multimedia software from Autodesk - AutoCAD, 3D Studio, Autodesk WorkCenter and other products. We supply also application modules for these products (Designer, AutoVision, ADE, CADKON, PROFI, ELPRO, CADraster...) and special peripherals (KURTA and WACOM digitizers, CONTEX scanners, SAMSUNG and EIZO monitors, Truevision TV cards).

CAD Studio is also a Registered developer of CAD applications for AutoCAD - PC-GEOdet, GEOsurf, GEOsurf LT, EE-Fonts.

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