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The Corporation for National Research Initiatives

The Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to formulating, planning, and carrying out national-level research initiatives on the use of network-based information technology. CNRI is concentrating on research and development for the National Information Infrastructure, working collaboratively with industry, academia, and government.


Here is information about CNRI:

  • An overview of CNRI.
  • Directions to CNRI.
  • Job opportunities at CNRI.
  • Biography of CNRI president Dr. Robert E. Kahn.
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    Current projects at CNRI:

  • Cross Industry Working Team
  • Computer Science Technical Report (CSTR) Project
  • D-Lib and D-Lib Magazine
  • Gigabit Testbed Initiative
  • Grail and Python
  • The Handle System
  • Infrastructure History Series
  • Internet Engineering Task Force
  • Knowbot Information Service

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