Thanks for coming to our site to download Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 for Windows 95.
Click here to download Internet Explorer 2.0 for NO CHARGE!
(Download: 1,167KB, self-installing exe file, Published: November 27, 1995)
Then, get information and download Virtual Explorer Beta 1.0!

Internet Explorer 2.0 Download Instructions:

  1. You must be using Windows 95 to run Internet Explorer 2.0.
  2. Click the link above, "Click here to download Internet Explorer 2.0 for NO CHARGE!"
  3. If you're using a previous version of Internet Explorer, click Open File to automatically upgrade your existing version.
  4. If you're using a different browser, save the file in a folder on your computer.
  5. Double-click the file to extract the program files from the executable file.
Showcase Page
See images move, see text scroll, and hear sounds by checking out our Showcase page after you download Internet Explorer 2.0. This "home page" for a fictitious company lets you see the cool new features that can be viewed with Internet Explorer 2.0.
What's New in Internet Explorer 2.0, the browser that unlocks the potential of the Internet

Exciting! - No other browser supports the multimedia extensions that Internet Explorer does. With background sounds, scrolling marquees, and inline video movies, the web has never looked better. Try exploring a 3-D world with VRML -- another Internet Explorer exclusive.

Fast! - Internet Explorer makes the most of your connection speed with the fastest display speed around, support for HTTP keep-alive, multiple threads, and full 32-bit performance. And if your web site is busy, Internet Explorer displays the text right away and draws the graphics later. So you can click links without waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

Easy! - Do you use Windows? Then you already know how to use Internet Explorer. Click familiar toolbars, drag and drop links and graphics to your computer, and keep track of where you've been and where you want to go with Internet shortcuts. Even installation is easy -- just a double-click, no configuration required.

Compatible! - A browser shouldn't hold you back, and Internet Explorer won't. It supports all of the popular HTML extensions, including Tables, "Cookies" for shopping and customization, NNTP news reading, and more. And you can use it with any Internet service provider.

Safe! - Don't trust your credit card numbers to just any browser. Use Internet Explorer to shop with confidence. It supports the SSL standards you can use today, and is ready for the ultra-secure STT in the future.

Best of all, Internet Explorer is FREE!
(Although you might have to pay your service provider for the connect time required to download it.)

Get More Information
After you have downloaded Internet Explorer 2.0, get more information including frequently asked questions and details for authors.